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Dec 16, 2020

Grid Containers Presets

We just added a new category to layout tools: Grids Add > Layout Tools > Grids

These 6 presets are basic Container Boxes that have different useful grids applied to them. Just a nice shortcut for your convenience :)

This is how it looks like:

Dec 19, 2020

After a year the product page is still not completed and very poor. it's quite obvious that the Editor Wix people have not seen how a professional Product page should look like.

Please take a look at any professional brands's online shop and compare it with the Editor X amateur product page that don't even have thumbnails a proper zoom.

If you zoom any product instead of taking the costumes to a zoomed page, takes you to a smaller image of the product that you'll need to clic again. Are you guys kidding all of us. Just very delusional and amateur

Hi Daniele and Ciara,

Maria here from the Editor X team. Thank you for your honest feedback. We take your comments very seriously, and I’d like to be transparent with you about the rollout of features you are both missing.

Here is our planned timeline:

Search functionality (as on Wix): End of January

Chat: End of January

Code-free hover interactions: Early February

Slideshows: End of February

Slider product gallery & zoom on thumbnails: We’ll get back to you soon with an update

I hope this offers some reassurance, and if either of you have other specific bug reports or product concerns, please email us directly at We’d be happy to assist on a case by case basis. Daniele, we can also put you in touch with a developer who can help you out with APIs if needed. Just let us know.

Dec 21, 2020Edited: Dec 21, 2020

Hi Maria, thanks very much for coming back to me and please excuse me if I been a bit too honest but im sure you can understand that we are serious and driven business people.

I appreciate your time and effort however when you say Slider product gallery & zoom on thumbnails: We’ll get back to you soon with an update, unfortunately is not very acceptable because we have all, already waited long long time and considering the fact you may delivery this feature in 6 months time, for things that are the foundation of an online store, probably by the time you deliver it, we all have moved to Webflow. Do you really want this?

Dec 21, 2020

You have also said: Daniele, we can also put you in touch with a developer who can help you out with APIs if needed. Just let us know.

I tried this but I didn't succede because your team knows less the we have leaned on this side and when you ask to be helped with API they just gonna send you links where you can check some API staff that however is not what we looking for.

Having said that we have no clue about API, neither we want to learn it because we do what we do and we would not have time to learn coding for web sites.

Sure, I understand. If you decide you would like to learn how to work with APIs, please email us directly at, and one of my colleagues can find out exactly what you need, so we know who best can help you.

Dec 21, 2020

@Maria Hayday Dear Maria, thanks for your replay, we don't how long would take to learn and have a bit clue about API and personally we are not looking to lean API because we do something completely different.

Also like I said before, we have also tried to be helped by your team but they didn't know anything about it and the only answer the could give us, was: well I'm sure we will complete the shop part soon.

Dec 21, 2020

if you really would like to help us, you should try to direct us to a proper developer, but it has to be directly; not just look at our developers on our Editor X etc. because it would not work. we have tried this 7 times with 0 success.

We also discovered today you enterprise section to which we already wrote with the hope they can, some how, make the changes we want to have on our web.

I would appreciate if you could give more info about the Enterprise.

Thank you very much

Daniele London 1

Dec 23, 2020

@Maria Hayday Hi Maria, we are trying to use node module

Locomotive scroll in a project, can you help us on put me in contact with someone that can help us?

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