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Mar 26
Edited: Mar 31

Guide to marking answers as "best answers"

Hey all,

I wanted to share a quick tip to help make our community easier for everyone.

Basically, if you asked a question, and someone helped and gave you the answer to you, the best thing you can do is to mark that answer as "best answer".

Why is it important?

Marking an Answer as "best answer" is very helpful for all the users because, before asking a question, I believe we all take some time searching for the answer to our issue, before posting a new question.

Also, if members of the community are helping you, it can be a bit frustrating if there's no reaction at all (no 'thank you', or "hey, it worked!"). Most of the members helping out are not Editor X employees, and are answering questions because they care. If you found an answer to your question, make sure to thank them, like their answer, and if you are the original poster (OP), please validate their answer, by marking it as "best answer".

Having said that, how do I do I mark an answer as "Best Answer"?

If you are the OP (original poster), you can do so by hovering to the right of the "reply" button, and clicking on "Mark as Best Answer"

Best Answers also help the author of the answer to rank up in the community. They're a nice way to say "Thanks" to the person who took the time to post.

That's it!


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