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Aug 13, 2020
Edited: Aug 13, 2020

Help With Custom User Profile Settings?

Does anyone here have experience with setting up a custom user profile page? I've spent the last day creating a pixel perfect second section to the My Account page that is all set up with form elements but I can't seem to make writing to a form function properly. Ideally the information is entered here, dropped into a table as a single entry per user and then edited on this page in the same way the regular fields are above but I can't seem to set the permissions correctly and I've found nothing that corresponds to my exact use case online. I can't seem to get the form to submit data to the collection and have it be user-specific.

The data from this form goes into a repeater driven list to showcase website members, I've also gotta use Corvid to add and remove entries based on the user ID's payment plan status with onPlanPurchased() but that's a whole other issue for another post :\

Any advice on this would be very much appreciated!

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