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Mar 11

Hoping someone can help. My cascade effect is not working properly. Changes made on mobile effect the other viewports! Help!!

Mar 12

Can you be more specific? What kind of changes are you making? Some changes made on mobile do affect other viewports.

Mar 12Edited: Mar 20

Hi there!

According to @Guy Dvir,

Cascading affects only design changes i.e. position, size, colors, fonts etc.

However, when moving around items in different breakpoints, you might accidentally attach them to other containers, or take them out from their parent container.

This causes a change in site structure (you can see your page's hierarchy & structure in the Layers Panel ) which causes a cross-breakpoint change.

Please make sure you are not attaching/detaching items when moving them unless this is what you intend to do.

You can check out the Discover the EditorX Workspace webinar conducted by the EditorX team on their official YouTube channel. Check out the part from 25:30 (25 minutes and 30 seconds) about how changes cascade down the breakpoints.

You can also check out this forum post for more information:

You can check out this video on How to edit style, position and behavior across breakpoints on the EditorX Official YouTube Channel:

You can also check out the following Lessons on AcademyX on breakpoints:

Hope this helps! (:

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