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Apr 4

Horizontal Anchor Points?

Hi All,

I'm looking to create a horizontal slider using a layouter where each item has 100% width (easy enough) but navigating between items is difficult unless you're on a device with a trackpad or touch screen. Ideally I'd like to create a set of buttons (or a menu) that links to each item (probably using Anchors), but Anchors seem to only work vertically.

I wondered if anyone has come across a solution to link to items in a layouter, or a way to create a slider control?

Would prefer to avoid Velo if possible but happy to consider if it's essential.

Thanks so much in advance! Phil

PS - I'm also happy to implement via a Pro Gallery, but there's still the same issue of no easy way to navigate to a specific item easily.

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Hi Maria,

Thanks so much! I had briefly looked at this but was worried about delving into Velo again. Will certainly take a look.

Thanks again, Phil

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