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Mar 12

Hover Interactions Availability

Anybody have any idea when the on hover on elements on our websites will be available as well as padding abilities? The tutorials on YouTube have these options but I can't use any of these features on my own website. I'd love to publish my website in the next 2 - 3 weeks but I'm afraid I might have to go to another route. Thank you ahead to time.

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Hey @Nav Si, I'm Jonathan from the Editor X team.

The new code-free interactions feature is rolling out really soon. In the meantime, since your deadline seems urgent, you can also apply animations on hover using some simple Velo code. If you have an example or need any help with it, you can always ask here or on the Velo Forum and someone will assist you.

Also, Could you clarify what exactly do you mean by "padding abilities"? You're currently able to add padding to your Page/Section/Container.

Mar 15

An example would be when you have text on Sticky and when you scroll down, the text seems to get crushed when the new section begins. In one of the artist walk-throughs, they padded the text area in the inspector panel under the Anchor category.


This can be solved simply by adding bottom margin on the Text, it works as "invisible content" and will prevent the text from stopping too close to the next section.

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