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Jul 31

How am I able to adjust the size of the text at various breakpoints when the size setting is scale text?

For example, i want the desktop version should have a header font size of 80px. I put in a range of 25-80 for the font size to accommodate for smaller devices. Now it seems that it automatically adjusts the size to somewhere in between those sizes on desktop. Here I initially typed "hello" and set the size to 80.

When I went into the settings and made a range from 25 - 80, it resized the "hello" for the same desktop dimensions to a different font size. (I added another text showing what size 80 should be.)

How can I adjust the font size at each breakpoint when I use scale text?


Hi Sukkah, if you're using scale text it should adjust accordingly across all breakpoints, as long as the settings are the same. I prefer to set fixed font sizes that vary across breakpoints for more precise control.

The issue you're seeing with the "HELLO" text is because the font size is automatically scaling to the size of the screen, as its supposed to with the scale setting enabled. Check out this article:


Hey Ezra, thanks for that quick and informative response. I like the scale text feature however I want it on the maximum font size starting from the smallest desktop breakpoint. I will give your idea a try by having a fixed size by different breakpoints, thanks for suggesting that. One more thing, is there a way to ensure that two word like "hello world" remain on the same line even while the screen size shrinks and just minimize the font size? (I realize I can go through the breakpoints and make sure of that but was wondering if there was a setting that would accomplish this.) Regards, Nathan

Aug 2

Hi Sukkah, you can change the scaling per breakpoint, for example 80-65px, 60-45px and 35-25px. This gives you more precise control per breakpoint.

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