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Jun 3, 2020

How can i change the background of this homepage to a video from video maker or any video?

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I am Naama from Editor X Product Team.

I suspect that you have not pasted the correct URL.

Can you please send it again?

Thank you,


Jun 4, 2020

Thank you


Hi again,

I assume you wish to replace this image in the homepage with a video -

So what I suggest is first to see where the image is placed in the Layers panel -

And how is it defined in the inspector -

And then I would delete the image.

And then add a Video Box component from the Add Panel -> Media -> VideoBox.

I would change its source to the desired video file, you can also pick one from "Media from Wix" or upload your own file. Then click on the Design button to remove the border and possibly the overlay pattern if the preset can with such. And then I would make sure it appears in the Layers panel same as the image and that its inspector definitions are also the same.

Hope it help.


Editor X Product Team

Jun 4, 2020

I will try,,,, Toda! Yom tov!

Aug 29, 2020

@Naama Ben-Oliel Ronen Thanks for this article. I'm looking into feasibility of Editor X for a project with many videos hosted on another projects server.. Question: Regarding "VideoBox" or editor X video player Can external video files be added/linked to the player in Editor X via URL (e.g. video URLs are publicly accessible)

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