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Jul 15

How can I create a responsive fullscreen section like hero section for example?

I'm trying to build a fullscreen section that takes the whole screen but can't find a way to do this.


Hi @mourchid ali

Great question! You can create a full screen section by setting the section height to 100VH.


VH = Viewport Height

1VH = 1% of the Viewport Height

100VH = 100% of Viewport Height

Please share with us your results, we would love to see the hero image.


I have one more little issue. the image background is downloadable! I don't the save image option to appear when you right click. just like the way we have on wix regular editor strip background. is there a way I can do this ?

I have the same problem, if someone has a solution I am interested! :D

Which problem you're having exactly? the full-screen section or background image downloading ?

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