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Mar 29

How can I host an Editor X website on a domain's path?

"How to connect your domain" only tells you how you could host an Editor X website on the entire domain. My use case is a little different. I would like to host/connect Editor X website on a path on my domain and keep using my domain as it is to access the already existing content.

For example:

Instead of hosting Editor X website on, I would like it to be hosted on

Is that even possible? I could not find any article related to it.


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Hi @himanshu,

I'm Shiri from the Editor X team, thanks for reaching out. Here you can find an article on connecting an existing subdomain to your Editor X site.

Mar 30

Hi Shiri,

Thank you for your response. I understand that a subdomain connection is possible but I would still like to explore the possibility of having Editor X website on a path on my main domain.

Usually one would export the website and serve from the path but I think exporting the website is not an option in Editor X

The other way would be to use a reverse proxy to serve the content from my editor x website on that path. I am convinced that this solution would simply work but I curious about what I will lose and how the static files that are loaded will get affected.

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