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Mar 13

How can I make a scrolling image gallery?

Hello, I am new to using Editor X and have a question regarding a scrolling image gallery. I am simply wanting an image gallery of scrolling logos on my page. I thought that using media>pro galleries>layout>slideshow would allow me to put a row of logos that automatically scrolled on my page, but it is only showing one logo at a time. I would think that there has to be a setting where you can choose how many images are shown at once but I simply can not find it. Is there an easier way to accomplish what I am needing? Just a row of scrolling logos is all I am needing. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am at a dead end

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Mar 15Edited: Mar 15

Hi there!

If you want a row of logos that scroll automatically to be displayed on your site, you need to use Slider instead of Slideshow.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Media > Pro Galleries > Settings > Layout > Slider.

  2. Stretch the gallery to fill the entire viewport width. (You can exclude this step)

  3. Go to Settings > Layout > Customise layout.

  4. Turn on Slide automatically.

  5. Under Image Display, set the image ratio to 1:1 (this works best) or you can even set it to Fit.

  6. Resize the gallery the way you want.

Here is a video that I've created to show you How to create a scrolling image gallery.

Hope it helps (:

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