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Feb 7

How can i use a dynamic upsell repeater based on the Product Category?

I am designing my product page. in the buttom section i want to do a section with a dynamic repeater like upselling in other online stores. "people who bought this product also bought"

if you know what i mean. First the reapeater isnt really responsive. Why cant i turn a Layouter into a repeater, that would be great...when i build it on myself i just can connect single images with dynamic data from products but i cant really filter it...

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Feb 9

Hey @Chris,

I'm Shiri from the Editor X team, thanks for reaching out.

I think this article could be useful in answering your question.

Feb 9

OMG thank you. So i can use that forum also for Editorx! Thats awesome!

Feb 12

@Shiri Mahler i followed all the steps in the discription but it does not work. Is it compatible with the dynamic Repeaters from Editorx?

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