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Jul 13, 2020
Edited: Jul 13, 2020

How come my live site doesn't look exactly like my site in editor x?

Let's say I put a horizontal line on the footer and header. It's centered. When I check my live site, it's not centered. Now, I'm just eyeing it. Now, my live site looks the way I want it to, but not in editor x. I hope that makes sense. Now, I can't tell if everything on my live site is centered or not. Because of this, I can't rely on preview anymore.

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Jul 14, 2020

Hi, what I found you need to be very precise in docking, setting margins, widths etc. Make sure your margins left and right are the same unit, e.g. left not in px and right in %, Also make sure you either have the line stretched to a (centered) grid cell or dock horizontal to center. I've also seen that if another object on the page has a width wider than the actual page this may cause the page to be no longer centered. You need to structurally check every object (and may need to do again as you cannot lock settings, at least yet) and test on different devices.

Jul 15, 2020


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