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Sep 10, 2020
Edited: Sep 10, 2020

How do I create horizontal scroll?

I wanted to create a horizontal scroll effect. Visit this website built on Webflow . When you scroll down to the 'services' section, it starts a horizontal scroll until it reaches the last item, then continues scrolling down. How can I create this on Editor X? I've tried working with the Overflow Scroll function but it never scrolls horizontally automatically when I reach that section on my page. Only way to scroll horizontally is to add a horizontal scroll bar, which i don't want. I want it to automatically scroll horizontally.

Also, I am trying to access the Exercises in Editor X Academy and the links are broken. It pops-up with an 404 Error: For example:


Thanks for sharing the question and site.

Currently, we don't have the option to hijack the vertical scroll to scroll horizontally. We will take this to the rest of the team to consider for future releases.

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