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Oct 14, 2020
Edited: Oct 14, 2020

How do I figure out what is causing some of my breakpoints to create a horizontal scroll?

Some of my breakpoints fit perfectly on screen and adjust just fine with resized windows. However when I go to the mobile breakpoint it creates a bug or error where I can swipe to the right a bit to just an empty space or column.

I tested my site on an iPhone 11 and it opened zoomed in on safari and when zoomed out it had empty column space on the right

Would I have to create a new breakpoint or search an object that extends past the screen width in settings?

If someone could help this would solve most of my problems

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The horizontal scroll is caused by overflowing content. In this case you have a video that is overflowing to the right.

You can find the video in the section with the videoboxes, the last one in the layers panel should be the problematic one.

Please let us know if were able to locate it.

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