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Dec 10, 2020

How do I get the right help?

I have been trying to make my site work on my own, but I am experiencing some issues. I need help with a bit of code that I can't seem to make work and with text boxes not behaving the way they should.

Now, I've reached out to wix via the "Hire a Partner" link, but I got a reply from a corporate web development business offshore. They were selling me their virtues large-scale e-comm solutions in a 54 page PDF. How awful. Seriously I am making a one page portfolio website, that was way overkill.

I have also posted in these forums but gotten no replies, assuming no one had the answer to the question. So what I am asking is this. I would like to talk with somebody from wix, sit down 1:1 and just... show them my site, share my screen, see what I'm doing wrong, just... coaching I guess? I'll pay, no worries. Or at least just get an individual to resolve my code issue? Is that unreasonable?


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Dec 10, 2020

Can you explain what you are having trouble with? Maybe attach a photo or short video? Link to the site?

Dec 12, 2020Edited: Dec 12, 2020

Hi, sorry for the late response.

I made a video of how to do what I tried.

Hope this helps you.

Dec 10, 2020

Hi Martine, it can be hard to get the right help, my site stopped working properly about a month ago presumably due to a wix corvid update. It's just starting to come back now, but it has taken a while. Meanwhile, I've re-made part of it in javascript, another way of coding.

Anywhile, I'll try and give you a suggestion on the other topic

Dec 11, 2020

Yes I've come to that conclusion as well. I guess it's all about tradeoffs if you want a robust platform at a competitive price point. Oh well. I read your other post, you are my day's hero. I had been stuck on this for days. All it took was looking at it differently. Thank you! I hope your site doesn't cause you too many headaches.

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