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Jan 28

How do I link my items table to Stores to sell items

I have over 700 items to sell in the [items] table (see below).

I have a page that works/looks like a spread sheet with filters for each field using a repeater.

Once the list is filtered/narrowed down, by clicking on [see detail] button it takes you to a detail page.

All 14 field of detail for that one item then shows on the dynamic detail page.

How can I get the [Add to Cart] button on this detail page to see my [items] table?

The cart button only wants to link to the Products table. Is there no way around this?

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Hey @Ray Nussbaum,

I'm Shiri from the Editor X team. Thanks for reaching out.

To give you a valid feedback, we will need to have a link to your site, and a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve. It will be best for you to get live support.

You can contact support here, they will be happy to bring up your site and help you fix it.

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