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Jun 29

How to add a progress bar ? And add a contact form with wix pay?

Good morning all,

I am very appreciative of the evolution that the wix team is making towards this fabulous editor! ❤️

After a few hours spent looking for features, I desperately look for the famous progress bars. Where can I find them on the new editor?

I am also looking for contact forms with the possibility of being able to make a payment. Where can I find this too?

These two options are available on the old wix editor, but no way to find them on the x editor, if someone can help me, I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much for your future responses! 💖


I do not know if this message was taken into account, however it seems that the two features mentioned above were available on the editor x on the night of Friday July 03 until Saturday July 04 in the morning, I was very happy ! But since this Saturday, July 04, the two features are no longer available, is this normal? 😥