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Aug 18

How to Add an 404 Page in Wix

Hey Everyone!

I have a big problem with the completion of my website. The only thing I need is a 404 page. I looked everywhere and saw that it was possible to do it in the "old" editor and that there was even a separate item for it under "Settings".

Is there another way to create a 404 page?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Aug 18

I have the same issue, would be great to get editor X on par with the familiar feature of the classic editor.

you just go into page seo and add error404 as the path

Aug 20

Hi Sewell, can you explain further how you added a 404 page?


Aug 20Edited: Aug 20

You go into site SEO under the three dots next to the page in editorx and enter error404 into where it says what is the last part (or slug) of the page url.

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