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Nov 3, 2020

How to avoid a Error403 when trying to access a member restricted page when not logged in as a user?

Description of the problem:

When I access the dynamic page X on my website as a public user (not logged in) it triggers a Error403 instead of a login/register screen.


1) The dynamic page was created from auto generation based on collection create by us.

2) The collection is setup with read access for all members and write for admins.

3) The page itself is setup with the “all member” restrictions.

4) This problem is specific to the page we created via right clicking on a collection (made by us) to generate dynamic pages. The dynamic pages automatically created from wix applications work without problems.

Anyone of you guys out there with a bit of wisdom around this issue?


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Thank you for sharing.

When the member is not logged in, it should be prompting to log in.

Can you please share your site url, so we can investigate?

Nov 17, 2020


I have the same issue (my site includes a custom signup lightbox). Is there a solution for this?

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