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Jan 10

How to build ecommerce website

How does one go about building a e-commerce from scratch with cart functionality, signup, login and contact forms, with payment gateway integration, on site chat etc.. Does the platform come with existing templates or If I chose to build one from scratch is it possible?

Does the platform contain prebuilt components which I can drag and drop like building other sites?

I have built a static website using editor X, so I want to now take it to the next level by implementing a full fledged e-commerce and I wanted some guidelines from community on how best to go about it.

Jan 11Edited: Jan 12

Hi Deepak, I am Dana from the Editor X Product Team. You can definitely build a complete ecommerce online business on Editor X.

You can begin from an ecom template, like this one:, or start from scratch and add a store to the site from here:

Wix Store provides an end-to-end business solution via the dashboard, from store orders to payment, shipping, fulfillment, marketing and more. You can read more in this article. Once you set up a store, you will find the Store pages on your site. In addition you can find some drag&drop Store widgets that can be added to any page from the Add panel.

The Store also comes with members area that provides the site visitors membership experience, including login, My Account, Wish List, etc. Read here if you wish to add a Contact form. Good luck with building your Store on Editor X!

Jan 22Edited: Jan 22

@Dana Karp, Product Manager thank you so much for your prompt response, I have started building my e-commerce website from scratch, however, I would like some guidelines on achieving fluid mobile responsiveness and creating eCommerce specific layouts, because I may miss out on creating some key pages/layouts

I would also like to know the availability of e-commerce apps for sending bulk SMS/WhatsApp for order tracking and payment success or order tracking status, so beyond this, kindly point me to all the apps in the wix marketplace I should be looking into to achieve all the functionality a business would require to conduct an online business, e,g: spam filter for product reviews and comments, search functionality etc.

@Dana Karp, Product Manager also could you tell me what are the terms I should be keeping in the privacy policy clauses , since editor X will be taking care of all the sensitive information like credit cards passwords etc..

@Sebi Hi, I had few doubts which I've expressed above, if you could shine some light I would be much appreciated! Thank you and @Dana :)

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