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Aug 4

How to dock an image to bottom of text?

Does anyone have an idea of how to make the image (below) dock to the bottom of the text in a responsive way?

I have to dock both the left vertical title and the right paragraph to the top of the section (they must be aligned, but I also need the left image to align with the bottom of the paragraph:


Try this if you havent, Make the section into 2 column grid. (select 2x1) . Then Put the text on the right column. On the left add a container and stretch it to fill the entire left column. Make all of its color transparent ( border and fill ). Then apply a 2 row grid on the container ( select 1x2). Then put the vertical text on the top half, and put the picture on the bottom half. Now Dock them to positions you want.

also the set the grid width and height settings as required. Setting Section height to auto and min height to none might work. ( also set the height to auto for the first (2x1) grid as well. Set the image to fixed, text to fixed, and margins to px measure. Make necessary adjustments at breakpoints, as you will need to resize the image accordingly.

Thanks so much Nived, you rock!!! It worked. (Th only one thing I had to add was to set the right text box bottom margin to 0%)

Thanks a lot!


anytime :) . Glad to hear it worked.

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