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Jun 25, 2020

How to drag elements at one time?

In regular WIX it´s possible to select one item (i.e. a headline) and if I use the "Drag" function this item and all others beyond move down, too. WHERE can I find this function in Editor X? Looking forward to your help. Thanks. Vanessa



Thank you for reaching out about this.

Currently, you can only drag down multiple elements with multi-select (holding shift), we are interested in improving the experience for managing multiple elements.

Can you please describe the issue that this would solve or what you would be able to accomplish with this feature?

Jun 29, 2020

I know, that holding shift helps to move different elements at the same time, BUT the DRAG function (in "regular" WIX) does additional steps at one time (i.e. extending the website in height and also moving the footer at the same time). So in my oppinion this would be helpful and saves a lot of time (because selecting more elements is not needed any more)

Jun 28, 2020

If you group elements into stacks (shift +select elements+right click), you can move them together. Once you've moved them, you can either undo the stack or keep it. That works for me. (Stacking also preserves vertical spacing between elements... I not sure if stacks work for horizontal spacing.)

Jun 29, 2020

Thanks Robert. Well, I tried this and it works, but anyway it´s more effort by selecting many items AND the footer does not scroll beyond automatically.

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