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Aug 03, 2020

How to migrate behind the scenes processes and data into editor X? Who has done this?

Hi- So I manage and edit a site for ecommerce and the current editor leaves me parched.

We have a continuous stream of new invoices sent and being paid, not to mention tracking present orders, and I need to know what the migration process looks like in keeping this transition seamless so our team isn't jumping between two sites.

So far I see some problems with migrating to an editor X site as a new site:

  • I want to manage/receive prior invoices, fulfill orders placed on the old site, etc., I can't transfer Premium to the new site and have the capabilities that need to be managed until they complete their cycle, but I can't have those features on the new X site without transferring premium. Catch 22.

  • Hover boxes... when you implement hover boxes into editor X as the "responsive" editor platform, please give GUI control over the animation. The current editor's gui-uneditable default is trash.

  • Historical data will be lost (or in the old site) on orders and invoices and with our product lifecycle, we need the ability to look back through past fulfillment.

Without being able to make a new site version using the editor X within the current site, I worry about the viability of ever being able to transition to an X site.

Has anyone here migrated an existing e-commerce site? What were your biggest losses / gains in retrospect?

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