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Feb 9
Edited: Feb 9

How to replicate "Canvas Tutorial"


I would like to know how to replicate this sliding effect - which software was used, etc. Is it a screen capture, and if so can you let me know which one is used at Wix?


Thank you!

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I believe what are referring to is just an animated gif, or video set to loop. WIX made that to demonstrate viewports/breakpoints

Feb 9

i cant see a slide effect, what do you mean?

Hi Chris, These pics are screenshots of the "Canvas Tutorial" in the 1st lesson "Workspace" at Cheers


Hey @radzrulz,

I'm Shiri from the Editor X team, thanks for reaching out.

The video you are referring to is not a screenshot, but a video, created using video editing & design programs.

What makes the effect seem so smooth, is the fact that the video background-color is identical to the section it is placed on.

Hope that helps.

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