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Aug 6, 2020

How to set up "next" & "previous" buttons between dynamic item pages

Hello. I try to find the "automatic" way to set up the "next" and "previous" buttons inside a dynamic item page in order to navigate directly from one item to another (without going back to all items page). Is there any option for linking e.g. next id or something like that of the database? Thank you (and sorry for my English :P).

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Hey Argyris, You can select the button, connect it to data:

Then you can set click action connects to:

Hope that helps :)

Best, Yanay


That's great! I didn't know that there is an option in the list. Thank you very much Yanay 😊

Aug 16, 2020

Hi All,

A follow up question will be: how can we make it that the Next button when clicked, for the next dynamic page in the list, scrolls all the way back to the top. Basically, i've set my next and previous buttons as directed above, but it never redirects to the top of the page. I tried adding a click action on the next button as well, to go to top of page but it doesn't work because its already connected to the next dynamic page.


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