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Feb 18

How to - sliding text element

Hi there. On Editor X's trend guide there's a sliding text element. Can someone revel the code for this element?

Thank you!

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Hey @shirilipinsky, You can find the explanation for this running text in this link, Make sure to follow the build structure as well before pasting the code 🙂

@Jonathan Tsodikovitch I don't understand why Editor X can't add a feature that allows us to customize the CSS Stylesheet. I could create this sliding text banner in 2 seconds with CSS or HTML but instead with Editor X I have to hack it with Javascript and waste time with the process. Although Editor X is meant to be 'simple', it makes simple jobs difficult.

@Jonathan Tsodikovitch Can you clarify where exactly I past the code? Thank you, still very new to editor x!

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Hi @Will Baldwin You need to open the dev mode from the top bar and paste the code in the code panel that opens at the bottom You can learn more about Velo here:

@Klara Kompel Thanks. I was able to make it work. Is there anyway to have a long line of text without it going to a second line once it reaches the max width?

@Will Baldwin You can make your text fixed size and change it on each break point manually. This will prevent the container from shrinking and breaking the text. Another approach is to use text scale and make everything scale proportionally together. Play with it see what suits you better.

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