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Jul 20
Edited: Jul 21

How to use Cloud Fonts like Adobe Typekit?


For my other sites I use cloud.typography from Hoefler&Co it's a similar system as Typekit from Adobe where you add a string of code to the header to get access to their font library for your site.

I'm new to Wix and Editor X and want to use my subscription as buying and uploading the typefaces for each site I have isn't economically sustainable. I found this thread here where they say to add the string of code to the <head> in tracking&analytics. I've now tried that but can't figure out if it's working or how to access the typefaces in Editor X?

Any help is appreciated.

Being able to use Cloud fonts seems like a table stakes functionality.



Hi, I'm Roni, Product Manager from the Editor X product team.

Unfortunately, you cannot currently integrate fonts from Typekit and similar solutions to be used in Editor X. You can, as you understood already yourself, download fonts that you have purchased, and upload them to be used in your account. Note that fonts you upload are shared across your entire account, so you do not need to upload a specific font again and again for any site you wish to use it in.

We're constantly working to improve Editor X and its capabilities, and we'll be sure to bring this request into account.


Hi Roni,

Thanks for getting back to me!

That's a shame. Typefaces are expensive and buying a license that I can upload is about 300-700USD a year per typeface and site vs. the 99USD a year subscription I have now that gives me access to the full Hoefler library for up to 10 websites. So even if I can technically use a typeface across several sites with one upload, I still need to pay licensing per site and year. Which isn't sustainable. So it would be really good if this could be incorporated in coming updates as it would open up to more personalize sites and designs.