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Feb 8

I have a Problem with the Instagram Widget Container. It reaches outside the Box

The width is 100% but it overflows the mobile side.

How can i fix this?

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Feb 9

I also have this issue. I've got a Grid in the footer, I've added a container and put the Instagram widget in the container. If I then set the Instagram widget to stretch, it overflows. If I set with to 99% it stays in it.



Hi Chris, From what it looks there could be another component or it's margin that is creating the overflow. If you want you can share the link with us and we'll take a look inside.


you should fix the min height and width in order to fix this

Feb 10

thank you

That doesn't work if you set the item to stretch to the fill the container. You can't control min height of a stretched item. It still overflows.

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