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Jan 17

I'm having a weird bug or glitch with docking.

Random sections within grids seem to dock to the far right (it's WAY off). Even when I shrink the items and make them smaller to fit on the mobile screen, the dock is still off.

In the image below, it says it's docked to the right at 0% but that's not right. Anyone know how to solve this?

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Hi Jonathan, I figured it out. A little embarrassed because the fix was so simple, but there were text elements that somehow went from fluid to fixed. I caught them and changed everything to fluid and it's perfect now! :-)

I'm glad to hear you've managed to fix it. Elements with fixed width is usually the case.


Hey @Elisabeth Fonden,

I'm Jonathan from the Editor X team.

Do you have horizontal scrolling? There are two possible things causing it: - The parent containing the Stack is overflowing because of a large Grid or more than 100% width. - The elements inside the Stack have absolute width and don't shrink according to its parent.

Let me know if you managed to handle it.


I made sure the elements are fluid and they don't have absolute width. I think it's the grid that's the problem. It's almost like the grid has absolute width somehow and on tablet and mobile won't shrink.

Is there a way to adjust the grid? I tried looking already and can't figure it out.

Jan 17Edited: Jan 17

Also worth nothing, when the grid is horizontal, it works. But for tablet and mobile, I adjusted the grid layout vertical and that's where the problem is.


I found a solution, but it's not one I like — with the desktop version, if I make the grid vertical (top and bottom) it works on tablet and mobile no problem.

The problem only arrises when I set the desktop as horizontal (left and right) and then change the tablet and mobile to vertical (top and bottom).

I'm still hoping to find a fix to this problem however, because being unable to use horizontal on desktop in some areas is making my page too long.

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