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Oct 16, 2020

I need more debugging tools

What does the following mean in the console?

To debug this code, open vivr8.js in Developer Tools.

How do I open vivr8.js or open masterPage.js?

I am finding the console.log difficult to work with. Hopefully the above message is saying I have more debugging options.

*Can I create break points where I can see the detail line by line while running, lets say between line 120 to 130?

*Can I print or watch variable values while it's running or stopped? I do appreciate >{...} that can expand but am not always sure where in the program the information is coming from. For example how do I figure out what my <next page> button does? I really like that you have that built in to Editor X, but I need to be able to intercept the code and add to it.

*Can I step and watch line by line after a break point?

*The log covers up the bottom of the screen so I cannot see what happens when I press my Next page button.

*There seems to be a delay in the log especially in verbose view and I am not sure what the trash can does, previous lines seem to come back up. Can I mark on the screen so I know where new log data starts and where data that I have already seen ends?

I do appreciate that the live view is significantly faster then the preview view. I was really concerned until I ran live view, because the preview was slow to respond.

*I am enjoying learning Editor X but have questions and when I try to find help it is quite often not compatible with Editor X. Do you have suggestions of the best way to get only Editor X info.

I do appreciate the hard work you are doing to make Editor X a truly awesome program.

Your response time on my question several days ago was amazingly quick.



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