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Oct 28, 2020

I noticed when I add a parallax effect to an image, the image gets very big and some of it gets hidden, what am I doing wrong?

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Feb 8Edited: Feb 8

After testing a little, basically i need to create a dark boarder around the part of my image i will lose so i can preserve the main part of my image.

I find this rather wrong, wix should of stretched out my photo not cut it from the bottom, something is off, i feel it could of been handled better.


Hi, I am Dana from the Editor X Product Team.

Basically you need to open the image settings and set the scroll behavior to Parallax, which is probably what you've already done. For a better assistance, we will probably need additional information, so please go ahead and submit a ticket to our support team via our Help menu. Thanks.

Feb 6

I got same problem, you didnt really answer the issue. as soon as i click parallax the image changes also, gets bigger and missing bottom. can you help fix on editor x


Hi, In order to create the Parallax effect the image must be bigger so that in can be scrolled slower then the regular page scroll. When we zoom in on the image and position it on the top in order to create the effect, some of the bottom part must be cut out of the frame.

Feb 8

great, what would you suggest a good size canvas would be?

Feb 8

i think you can use the editor x templates and just copy and just change the image. I save a lot of time with it

Feb 8

@Chris looking for full size, didnt find any examples of small size, but i will try some sizes myself, they should do a session on parallax


Hi @הדס יוסף @lampro @Chris

I have just created a post regarding the issue discussed here. You are more then welcome to check it out here Hope it helps to clarify the parallax scroll effect :)

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