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Mar 11

Im facing an issue with shop version in mobile version .. its not displaying same as 4 rows & 4 columns in desktop view. Thanks in advance

Im facing an issue with sop version in mobile version .. its not displaying same as 4 rows & 4 columns. and even the filter name is not updating ... i have attached the images below ..

Mobile Version

Desktop Version

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i have 1k products ...single grid none of the product will be sold.. what is the point of buying editor x ..resolve this please i cant put single grid and i want better resolutions please thanks


Hey @Priya Kmusic, I'm Jonathan from the Editor X team.

You can adjust the number of columns in Settings > Layout > Product Grid > Manual and set the Columns to 4.

You can also use Responsive to have the number of items per row automatically adjust according to the screen width.

I've noticed that the preview in the Editor doesn't show the correct number of columns on mobile, although it's displayed correctly on the Published site. Thank you for reporting this, I've forwarded the issue.

Mar 15Edited: Mar 15

can u share me a video or screenshot in mobile version its still the same for me single column and row in mobile version ..even after publish everything as same


Sure! Here's the example.

Although, I suggest to keep 1 column on mobile, because it becomes difficult to click on a specific product as they become tiny.

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