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7d ago

Image optimization

Does Editor X automatically scale and compress images for each device? Thinking about creating a site which will use a lot of photos. I would like them to been seen in their highest resolution but at the same time I don’t won’t the site to be slow. Can you advise what resolution I should import the images or does it not matter if Editor X automatically compresses them for viewing?


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6d ago

Hi @paul,

I'm Shir from the Editor X team, thank you for reaching out.

Upload the best image quality: You should upload the best possible quality images that you can and we will optimize them to the exact dimensions displayed on the screen, without any loss of quality. you can learn more with this link:


Try to make a Prototype in Figma, Adobe XD,....your Images will be in the perfect size. But Shir is correct EditorX makes your images better automatically.

6d ago

Hi Klara,

I’ve not come across the WEBP format, I’ll look into that. I was going to use Photoshop and save as jpegs.

4d ago

Thanks Shir. That’s good to know.

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