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Jul 20, 2020

Instability makes me frustrating!

I am not a web designer. I have been spending much time here on the editor X platform, both to learn things and build my website, since months.

I have experienced so many unstable situations, or bugs, which many times made me think that If there was someone behind the platform making jokes with me. For instance, on Saturday I finally completed my web template. It worked until today. By the way, I haven't edited anything since Saturday. But when I entered my website today on mobile, I saw that some fonts were not loading and some functionalities not working.

As another example, the "copy element design" functionality is so unstable that sometimes it works when you click on "from this breakpoint", and sometimes on "from all breakpoints". And sometimes neither of them work. Or sometimes I cannot get rid of the "paste element design" functionality until I refresh my page (it doesn't go away when I press the escape key).

This platform is really very exciting for those like me, who are new to web design. But I think, it could be far better and less annoying!

Jul 21, 2020

I'm also having issues with text and images not loading the same and not staying in the locations they should. The old platform worked well from desktop to mobile, this one not so much.

Jul 23, 2020

Hello I thought it could have been my laptop as it is old,but its so glad to hear others are having the same problems, I was even going to buy a more powerful laptop to see if it helped

Hi! I am Sebi from the Editor X Product Management team. We definitely hear you out and understand the frustrating experience of something not working as expected. This is why during the beta period we are dedicating a majority of our resources to stabilizing the platform and closing bugs. We ask for our users who experience any issue to use the options under “Help & Feedback” in the Editor X Topbar to report the issues. We will work to prioritize all the bugs reported by users and hope to give you guys a smoother experience with Editor X. If you have any questions or concerns about this, then please let us know.

Jul 24, 2020

Thanks for showing a interest in what people experience with Editor x

I find Editor X slower than the old wix editor. I think it could be that my laptop is an old i5 processor and only has 6 mb of ram. would Editor X be faster for me if I purchased a faster laptop ?

Looking forward to more videos like the one the other day, it was great and learned so much

Kind regards John

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