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Jun 30

Is anyone else experiencing the Pro Gallery Bug? Need fixed asap!

On my current live site . On the atmosphere page, there are pro galleries located below each full-screen image/video (at the top). For some reason, the images are only displaying after I refresh the page, and I have to do this at each pro gallery. Is it possible for you to go in and fix this?

A swift response is greatly appreciated as it's working on my other site and they are both live. Reference to see it working properly and its the same exact design.

Thank you for everything, Wix is simply the best.

Jul 2

I am also experiencing this. the Pro Gallery is not present upon initial loading, however appears after the page is refreshed.

Jul 6

Mine seems to be working now, how about you?

Jul 19

works fine for me on both your sites.

Jul 7

Working for me too, it now displays without me having to refresh 😄

Jul 21

Hi, it seems working fine on your sites now. How did you fix the bugs?

Jul 23

I'm not entirely sure, just started working again!

Sep 2

I'm having problems with Pro Gallery also. They keep disappearing, and no matter how many times I refresh, they still don't appear.

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