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Jan 21

Is it possible to add an filter in Editor x?

Dear Wix community,

I have a question and I urgently need a solution. I would like to build in a so-called "filter" so that I can filter out what is displayed in a website with several elements with one click. And if I Cklick „Show all“ all elements dispaly again. I hope I have explained it clearly but I will attach a screen video anyway.

I know i can do it with diffrent pages so i can link a button tot he page were you can only found what is on the Button. But i would love to have a tool or something like this.

Here is a video what i mean so your can understand it better:

Is it somehow possible to implement this?

Thanks for your answers!


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Jan 22

First of all, thank you for your answer!

I will look at your links and try it out. I think that will help me. :)

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