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Mar 27

Is it possible to send new visitors to one version of your home page and prior visitors to another version?

Hey Guys - I would like to be able to target my users with wording tailored to whether or not they have engaged with me before. When I worked in corporate, we were able to do this with our home pages. I am sure it is based on cookies but I am not sure how to activate it with something like Editor X or if it is even possible.

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Mar 29


I'm Na'ama, product manager in Editor X.

Tracking users' behavior are dependent on the cookies policy and most likely it will require their approval depending on what part of the world they are at. The option require Velo code.

1) Option 1 : you could use the wix storage API with a local property to store a value that says "this user visited the site already" (it could be any value/phrase), then run a check using the same api (getItem) on page visit every time someone visits the site and change the content depending if the value exists or not.

2) Have the users signed-up? then track them based on the identity of that sign-up.

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