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Jul 31

Is the "Strip" element available in Editor X as it is in the original Wix Editor?

Currently in the original WIX Editor, the "Strip" element stands alone in its own category as an option for users to add photos and text on their pages. I was expecting to find this "Strip" element in Editor X as well. Is it hidden somewhere? I cant' seem to find it.

Aug 1

In my opinion, strip elements seemed like half-baked solution to responsive design in the old Wix editor. They are not included in Editor X as the entire program is built for responsive web design out of the box, essentially every "section" acts in the same way that a strip would in the classic editor.

Aug 2

With Editor X still being in 'beta' form, and feedback I received that "Editor X will eventually support all features, APIs, vertical, and other WIX components..." I am really hoping that the "Strip" element will be among these.

Before Editor X, WIX advertised that their websites WERE responsive (including their "Strip" element). But that was not true. And unfortunately I realized this dreadful fact after my website was already created with "Strips" on almost every page.

I need the width/height ratio of the "Strip" element to be corrected when viewed on an iPad or tablet. Currently, it gets stretched way too tall and images/text are tall, skinny, and cropped.

Your own opinion about "Strip" elements is entitled, but it doesn't help me at all. I wish it did.

Right now, I DON'T have a website that I'm proud of, contrary to their promise that I would. I think WIX owes those of us who have used up valuable time and money by making a way where we can easily fix/adapt our current WIX sites without having to start from scratch using Editor X.


Hi Deb, Thank you for your honest feedback.

In the Editor X, we created new responsive containers such as the sections and container boxes. Both the section of those components give you full control over the responsive properities of the containers and the elements within them.

Just like the Strips, they can both have the option to add an image or video background (you have to stectch it) and have very similar funtionality.

We understand that there are a few use cases such as not having a tiled background that sections and containers don't support, but we are working by learning from our users on what we need to work on next. We definitely understand that you may have exisiting sites on the Wix Editor. We are currently working on some solutions for importing sites built on Wix Editor into Editor X, the feature won't be out immediately, but it is something we are invested in.

Note: Strips are responsive, there are many different forms of resposnsive behaviors. Editor X sections just have more freedom to decide on how it behaves. If you are having issues on creating a responsive section, please share a screenshot and what you are trying to accomplish.

Thank you.

Aug 7Edited: Aug 7

Editor X was mainly developed because original WIX customers needed help with responsive sites. So I'm very glad there is work being done on solutions for importing sites built on WIX Editor into Editor X. Thank you for investing in that. I hope it gets activated as soon as possible, and that original WIX users are a priority in how Editor X finalizes its beta development.

Now here is my issue:

Below are Desktop and iPad samples of two "Strip & Column" elements that I have on a page (from the original WIX Editor.)

The first attachment shows the Desktop version. As you can see, the Strips are horizontal rectangles... as are all the "Strip" templates from original WIX Editor.

(I highlighted the top Strip in green, but the element below it is also a Strip with two Columns.)


This second attachment is how it looks on a iPad. How can you say that Strips are responsive? Why all of a sudden is it a square shape??

This makes the Columns within the Strips look vertically stretched... which makes the text box appear too tall and skinny, crops off images in an unflattering way... basically a hot, embarrassing mess. Whatever is going on with this width/height ratio needs to be corrected for an iPad/Tablet.

(And not just for Editor X users.)


These Strips run throughout my whole website. This is why I NEED there to be an easy way to fix/adapt current WIX "Strips & Columns" with or without the use of Editor X.

Editor X may sound great and exciting, but I'm not a brand new "X" customer just starting fresh. Sure wish I was. So unless Editor X helps me improve the WIX Editor website I already created - the one I've spent soooooo much time and money on... it sounds like a slap in the face to me. I shouldn't have to give up on my WIX website just to start over from scratch with Editor X in order to fix these problems.