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Mar 2

Is there a Jobs Board or Career posting app available for Editor X? Anyone have an alternative way of listing/collecting job applicants?

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Mar 9

Hi, I'm Liron from the Editor X product team.

You can definitely use Wix Forms as @Ricardo Herrera suggested for collecting the jobs applications.

In addition, Lightbox popups with forms are a great tool when you need to grab your visitors' attention and drive them into action.

After creating your application form, I would like to also recommend 2 ways to create the Jobs Board:

1. Create a content collection of all the open positions and use Dynamic pages to present them on your site.

When you add the Content Manager to your site, you get 2 dynamic pages:

  • A dynamic category page: This page lists all of your item pages so that visitors can choose what they want to see.

  • A dynamic item page: This is the page that actually shows the job description for each position and you can add to this page an application form.

2. Use the Wix FAQ app as a jobs board with some adjustments.

From Manage Your Questions you can add new categories, edit existing categories, and more. In each category, you can write the job description, requirements and add important info and images.

Don't forget to add a link to the application form.

I hope this is helpful, please feel free to reach out again with any questions.


Mar 3Edited: Mar 3

Hmm.. nnot exactly, but you could– wait, Are you thinking of something similar to CompuTrabajo (in Latam) or job portals alike? Because if so, I think you could customize Wix Forms to collect data from your job applicants likewise. You see, Wix Forms isn't just a simple contact widget –although that's its default– but you can add custom fields in order to specify the applicant's information you want:

You can use the bigger default 'Message' field to allow your visitors write a brief curriculum; or you can even check an upload button so that they can add their whole CV document through a text like .doc or .pdf file (but that's only Ascend Premium, unfortunately).

Preset is to save all this info into your Submissions Table, and then the date from this table to your Wix Contact List, but –if I'm not wrong– using some code through Velo you can also store this information into an input database from your Content Manager. If you set it up correctly and accordingly for what you seek, I think Wix Forms could satisfy the specific needs of a Jobs/Career Board.

Hope I've somehow helped to solve your doubt.

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