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Feb 2

Is there a way to not show a page reloading?


When going between pages, is there a way to not have the next page completely white out and reload? I want the effect to look smooth, like there is no change/transition when going from page to page. Is there a special code for this? Is this possible? Thank you!

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Hi as well!

In any website, when we direct to other pages it requires a new request to the server for that page, meaning this process, unfortunately is not entirely in our control; the users internet connection, hardware and browser all play a roll in this and affect the experience dramatically. We are using a slightly different approach in our websites, in which we only request the new data object for the page, and render the page without refreshing.

This helps to boost websites performances so its mostly very smooth, but it's is not 100% possible to control the outcome since it's not all in our hands, like I've stated above.

But! I have some suggestions which might help you achieve similar results.

You can use Velo to create a sort of 'single page web app' behaviour, meaning your users won't navigate to different pages, but will actually stay on the same page while changing its content display state.

How to exactly do so is a bit out of scope of a message, but basically the idea is to create all the content in one page, then show/hide parts depending on the users actions.

For now you can use Velo to show/hide or collapse sections, layouters, containers etc. but we are woking as we speak on adding the state box component to Editor X, which will make state changes be even more easy, so stay tune for that.

If you want to see a sort of example, you can see this experiment which, although not using show/hide, is using state changes to create navigation in a single page without actually going to other pages.

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