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Aug 07, 2020
Edited: Aug 07, 2020

Issue with Dynamic Product pages

Hi Everyone,

I'm having the following issue with my dynamic pages:

o I create a data base (in this example "Battery Cells).

o Then I create a dynamic page which is called by default "Battery cells (All)"

o I change the name from battery cells (all) to battery cells

o Now, when I publish this site and click on "battery cells" in the menu, it says, "site not found", When I look at the address line, it says "/battery-cells-all".

o Then, when I delete the "-all" part in the address line, the site opens up.

It seems that this parts does not get update when saved and published (which i have done multiple time)

I found that I have such issues with my other product pages as well to a certain degree, that the actual dynamic page list results in a site not found issue.

Anyone having the same issue and/or a solution for that?

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