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Aug 29, 2020

Issues with an image on a repeater


I'm using a simple repeater to show profile photos, but a couple of the images do not show consistent sizes. See screenshot below that shows a couple of the images are shorter than the others. And since this is a repeater, I cannot fix one without affecting the others. You can so the page here

This site is for a client and they have asked me to correct the issue. Please help! Is this a glitch?

Aug 29, 2020

Hi Kim, check that the image position settings are correct. I would recommend setting the image size to "Fixed" in the properties panel, instead of "Fluid" (or "dynamic" I forget the exact word).

Aug 31, 2020

Thanks, but unfortunately that doesn't work because fixe or fluid are not an option. The image is set to stretch to the grid on the card and should be uniform since it is a repeater

Sep 7, 2020

I'm guessing the inconsistency in your example is because some of the profiles have more text than others forcing those profiles to stretch taller so maybe set a minimum or fixed height of the repeater container itself to fit the largest amount of text needed so that all the containers will be the same height and the stretched image will be the same height universally, however you'll have more blank empty space in the text part of the containers for the shorter profiles which would still be my preferred compromise in your circumstance.

I'd then perhaps set the text of the repeater container to be a certain px or % from the top or bottom to make them seem consistent or more formatted to make the new blank space of the shorter profiles less random or slapdash seeming floating at different distances to each other in the middle of the container.

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