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Aug 26, 2020

It’s been over a month since I first flagged issues with the menu, anchors and page loading and they are still only partially resolved

I’ve barely recieved any response in fact. I shall try to rebuild the site from scratch. If that doesn’t work it’s bye bye Editor X (and Wix) and hello webflow. Also I‘ll be wanting the money ive paid to host a site that doesn’t work back.

Also, yesterday, the pro gallery stopped loading correctly and started bleeding off to the right. This seems to have been sort of fixed except the gallery appears slightly too small on the page.

This worked fine a few days ago and I hadn’t touched the site at the time, let alone made any changes. This is getting ridiculous. If anyone could take a look at my site and suggest what the problems could be and how to resolve them, I’d be very grateful.

  1. mobile : menu icon disappears if the close button is tapped

  2. mobile: pro gallery wrong size

  3. desk/laptop: and this is the biggest issue - “our work” page doesn’t load from menu item. Need to hit refresh to get it to appear.

  4. Anchors: when using with menu they appear to be misaligned by 100px or so. I have removed them from the site now but would be interested to know if anyone had used them successfully and how.


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Aug 28, 2020

UPDATE on this... Support got back to me and gave me a workaround for the page loading issue that works just fine. It meant deleting and rebuilding the Pro gallery on the home page which was annoying but it worked so that was a relief. They assure me devs are working to fix this.

I also found out why the menu was not functioning properly on mobile. Somehow the icon had got set to 0% height. I'm guessing this happened around the time of an earlier issue where the header and footer suddenly appeared in the middle of the page rather than the top/bottom, an issue that appeared to be fixed quite quickly.

The icon was set to the right width and this was enough to display it within the header but its container, being set to 0% height meant it couldn't be selected and caused it to disappear all together on 'close'.

Resetting both height and width set pixel values sorted the problem out although it took me a while to realise that was the problem as the icon was visible and kind of functioning inspite of the 0% setting.

I now feel my site is functioning as I expect and feel satisfied that I can now concentrate on refining the design and UX.

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