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Feb 17

Item anchor point overlapped by fixed header


I have a question regarding the usage of anchor for a vertical in combination with a fixed header.

The anchors are defined for several items and then linked in the vertical menu. When selecting an item through the menu the page scrolls to the right position but part of the content is hidden by the fixed header.

Is there a possibility to add an offset or so to avoid that the begin of the item overlaps with the header?



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Hey @agathe.w,

Currently there's no option to set an offset to an anchor.

Maybe there's another element that you can anchor the menu to, so that the part that you need to be visible would be a bit below this anchor?

Feb 18

Hello Miri,

thanks for your fast reply.

Unfortunately it is not possible to anchor a different element. Is there a different solution to ensure that the anchor function considers a fixed header?



I'll pass over your request to the EditorX product team, but I don't think it'll be available in the very near future.

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