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Mar 2

Joint Business Venture Using Editor X

Any experienced WIX developers interested in exploring a joint business venture > use of Editor X for course authoring for high schools - large market. Initial course in development. Am very new to Wix but have much previous Web development experience. Contact.


I dunnot know what you meant exactly, nor am I at all experienced in app/web development so the boot don't fit me, but in order to avoid my comment for being completely useless and out of place whatsoever as I'm afraid it's being, I think –and dare to strongly recommend– you should rather post this offer in the Velo Forum, since you'll find way more WIX developers among a Community full of experienced users familiarized with the Wix Code API (aand noobs like me full of doubts asking for guidance to those experienced people)

Thank you so very much. You are so kind and useful.

Mar 3Edited: Mar 3

i doubt it ':/ but that was such wholesome answer :'/ so thank you right back

best of lucks

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