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Mar 18

Keep images in their own dimensions

We are building a website with an art collection. We want to show all these paintings in their own dimensions, square, landscape, etc.

When creating dynamic pages all the images are cropped in the same box.

I can't figure out how to avoid this.

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Mar 18

I think there is no way to overcome it.

A dynamic page is basically a template. This means that the information needs to go into a predefined place holder.

If you find a solution to this I would love if you share!

Mar 23

Thanks, we have found a workaround solution. We will make thumbs which show the whole artwork on a white background. It's more work but the result is shows what we want. See the mock-up.

An other option is to see if we can tweak the css.


Hi Thanks for reaching out about this.

Implying that you have just a few different image ratios, you can layer image components with different ratios on top of each other, then you can create separate columns for the different image ratio in your data collection.

Then you just need to connect the images to the right component ratio.

Please let me know if this helped.


Mar 26


I tried to understand you, but unfortunately I can't figure out what you mean.

Every artwork has different image ratio's. There a couple of hundred artworks.

Can you explain it otherwise?

Later I need conditional filtering. That can be done in coding. We try to figure out if EditorX is the right builder for this art portfolio. I think/hope it is. But I'm not completely sure.


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