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Sep 01, 2020

Looking for someone to help me with Editor X

Hello everyone,

I've been exploring Editor X (love it btw) to bring my current wix website into Editor X and, not being a professional (at all), I'm really struggling, so I was wondering if, among you guys, someone could help me with that or even build it.

Here is the link to my existing wix website:

What I would like is to keep the same design but with some small improvements to make it look more smooth and modern but also more responsive. The mobile version is for me really important and I'd love to have on mobile the same experience than in desktop. Last, if this person can also help me to improve the SEO settings and improve the speed of the website it will be amazing.

If one of you think she/he can help (paid work of course), please let me know so we can have a chat and I can explain a little bit more what I would like to do.

All the best to everyone and thanks to the wix team for the amazing work you have done with Editor X


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Sep 26, 2020

Hello Ricardo, I'm Edilson from São Paulo Brasil, we took a look at your website and I believe that some features will not be the same in the editorx. Of course, with editorx it will be much more professional. We have already started migrating some customers to Editorx, including two of our own websites we just finished migration. Honestly your website is not a simple project, but we will be happy to analyze what can be done and we can create a home page test for free (just the face of the site), and based on that you will have an idea of ​​what we can do. If you want to take a look at our website that in editorx and

Sorry for not being in English yet, we are working on it, but you can see the type of our work

My email

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