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Jul 23

Menu nightmare

I have a menu in the fixed header in laptop and tablet breakpoints of my site, with a hamburger menu on the mobile version. The menu items link to various anchors on the homepage and ALL WORK FINE IN PREVIEW MODE. But when the site is published they don't work. Nothing happens on click or tap. Its driving me nuts. I'm pretty sure it all worked fine yesterday. Anyone else having this problem?

The site is

Jul 23

Did you check there's nothing transparent on top in the layers panel?

Jul 23

thank for your reply. But, yes I've checked - there's nothing there. it works fine in preview mode anyway. Baffled.....

Jul 23

another check: make sure your'e using the same menu under manage menu for both desktop and mobile.

Jul 23

gaah... forget that, it works in preview!! sorry!

Jul 23

thanks for trying!!

Jul 23

Great site!! Just a small fix for large screens (I'm on a 27" mac) the logo section is overlapping the footer.

Jul 23

hey, thanks Janet! I'm aware of the overlap... its another thing I'm having trouble resolving!

Jul 24

Thanks sebi. The problem appears to be with a menu linking to anchors on the home page. Currently I've removed all the anchors and their respective menu items so the site will at least function somewhat.

When linking to anchors in the mobile hamburger menu the menu opens but freezes, the links don't work and the page becomes unresponsive.

Meanwhile on lap/desktop the page doesn't freeze but the linked menu items don't work.

It seemed at one point that where I had a mixture of menu items that went to site pages and some that were assigned to anchors on the home page the page linked items worked but the anchors didn't.

If I use just anchors it doesn't work. If I use just page links it does work, if I used a mixture then just the page links worked.

The strange thing is, that a couple of days ago it all worked fine. When I restored an earlier version of the site from a time I knew it worked ok, the problem persisted with that version too.

the other thing about anchors was the page scrolled to a point significantly below where it should. It appeared to be out by 100 pixels or so, which is the depth of the master header...

Also, When viewing in preview mode everything works fine (apart from the 100px mismatch) but when published the links don't work....

Jul 24

Thanks very much! Only just saw this and I’ve been fiddling around with the site up till now - hope that hadn’t confused things!

Jul 26

hi Sebi, any news on this? Anchors still not working...

Jul 29

I'm having problems with my menu. I have the pages show and hide. When published, they're showing extra when they should be hidden. Bug?



Jul 29

I think this is working as intended. The menu will automatically expand and show more or less items based on the amount of space you give it. If you don't want it to expand this way set a max height value.

Jul 29

I didn't use the dropdown, so it shouldn't expand.

4h ago

My drop down pages on my menu no longer appear. The drop down pages are attached to anchors (About / Services) on my menu. They were working. So, I'm not exactly sure if this is a glitch or if I made an error.

Any help would be appreciated.

3h ago

Make sure when you get in mobile views that there isn't another item in the menu overlapping onto the menu. I had that happen.

2h ago

I checked all the layers on mobile. nothing. I even trying redoing the menu. It's not working for me.