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Sep 6, 2020
Edited: Sep 6, 2020

Migrate WiX to EditorX

Is it possible to integrate a current website project of WiX with the EditorX?

Ive got heavy lines of code, so it would be nice to don't have to redo.

thanks, cheers

Sep 6, 2020

No you can't. You have to rebuild you entire site.

Sep 6, 2020



Thank you for reaching out about this.

We are currently working on some solutions to migrate your content and data over to your editor x site. Can you please let us know what you are looking to migrate over? Did you want to migrate the entire design or just the site data & SEO?

Sep 7, 2020

The whole website, I want to levarage the EditorX possibilities, without having a negative impact on my current project. The migration should be frictionless, all DBs, code, editor elements, apps and SEO should remain the same on the migration. WiX should be compatible on a plugin&play implementation with EditorX.

Im looking forward to see what options you give on an initial delivery for the migration. Its good to know that you are working on this. Thank you

Oct 28, 2020Edited: Oct 28, 2020

I would like to join the request.

Sep 8, 2020

Me too. As an amateur I built my site using my 27" Retina display iMac and didn't test it along the way on other (smaller) computers. SO, I want to utilize the Adaptive properties of Editor X rather than manually resizing all images.

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